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Investigation into car accident leads to murder charges

Losing a child is one of the most devastating events a parent could experience. However, it is possible for such an event to take even more difficult turns if a parent is accused of having a hand in the child's death. As a result, the parent could end up having to defend against murder charges.

It was recently reported that a woman in Ohio is facing such a scenario. In January of this year, the woman was driving a vehicle with her daughter and son inside when they were involved in a crash with a tractor-trailer. The daughter, whose age was not given in the report, suffered fatal injuries as a result of the crash, and the 6-year-old son was seriously injured.

Even the most cautious of drivers could fall prey to fatigue

As you travel to and from your destinations for the day, you may share Ohio roads with a multitude of other drivers. As such, at least a portion of your safety inherently lies in the hands of others, and the decisions they make could have an impact on your safety and well-being in various ways.

While most drivers may share your desire to stay safe while traveling, accidents continue to occur at an alarming rate and under a multitude of circumstances. Even the most cautious of drivers could find it difficult to maintain lane control after succumbing to the effects of driver fatigue.

Family may file wrongful death claim after fatal Ohio crash

The death of a young person is always a tragic event. When family members learn that their young loved one was killed in a car accident, the grief is often overwhelming. In addition to getting necessary affairs in order after this type of an event, such as funeral arrangements, surviving loved ones may also want to consider whether filing a wrongful death claim could suit their circumstances.

It was recently reported that an Ohio crash resulted in the death of a 20-year-old man. Reports indicated that the collision occurred when a westbound car and an eastbound SUV crashed head-on. Apparently, one vehicle failed to remain in the correct lane, but the report did not indicate which vehicle may have crossed the dividing line. After the initial collision, two more vehicles were also involved in the crash.

Professional malpractice cases require various types of proof

Most Ohio residents go to the doctor with the anticipation of getting better and not worse. Of course, some conditions can worsen despite treatment, but there are instances in which a patient could suffer due to the negligence of medical staff. In such cases, there may be cause for professional malpractice claims.

A number of issues could contribute to a patient suffering harm. Misdiagnoses, surgical errors, medication mistakes, infections and more can cause a patient to become sicker or suffer injuries. If a patient believes that a doctor or other staff member was negligent or acted below the standard of care, there may be reason to pursue a legal claim in efforts to seek compensation for resulting damages.

Personal injury claims may result from Ohio crash

Car accidents can quickly change lives. In an instant, a person or several people could suffer serious injuries that leave them needing a long time to recover. A number of other difficulties could also arise from such events, and it is not unusual for personal injury claims to be filed by the injured parties.

It was recently reported that an accident in Ohio resulted in one death and the injuries of multiple other people. The crash involved two vehicles, and details state that the driver of a car was heading south when she failed to remain in the correct lane. As a result, her vehicle collided head-on with a northbound SUV. There were at least three people in the car, including a toddler, and at least two people in the SUV.

Alleged crime spree puts man in need of criminal defense

In many cases, those on the outside of a situation will not know what was going through another individual's mind when he or she carried out certain actions. Nonetheless, if those actions put others in harm's way or break the law, it is likely that criminal charges will result. The accused person may then want to use a criminal defense presentation to protect his legal rights and fight for a just outcome.

One man in Ohio is likely focused on his defense options after his recent arrest. According to reports, the man robbed or attacked multiple people and committed 10 felonies and two misdemeanors over the course of 21 minutes. The alleged crimes all took place within one block between 9:54 p.m. and 10:15 p.m.

Your legal rights after injuries at a hospitality venue

Were you or a loved one injured while attending a trade show, wedding, conference, or another occasion at a venue such as a club, resort or hotel in Springfield? If you can prove that the venue owner was negligent and failed to prevent the incident that caused the injury, you might have grounds to file a civil lawsuit. The owners of such facilities have to take reasonable care to protect guests from harm.

Taking reasonable care involves regular inspections to assess the safety of the facility, equipment and furniture. The venue owner must also see that service and preparation areas for food and beverages are clean. Also, employees should undergo background checks and receive adequate training and supervision, and the facility managers must ensure that necessary measures for building security are in place. The failure to meet any of these standards could indicate negligence.

Wrongful death: Man killed in head-on crash in Ohio

Many people can feel as if their lives have no direction after suddenly losing a loved one. The aftermath of a fatal car accident can create confusion and pain, and many individuals may feel as if they will never get over the unexpected loss. During this time, they may explore ways in which to help themselves find closure, and for some, that journey could include filing wrongful death claims against drivers considered at fault for fatal accidents.

One family in Ohio may be considering this option after a recent crash. According to reports, a 21-year-old man was driving a pickup truck west when he failed to keep his vehicle in the correct lane. As a result, his truck sideswiped an SUV before crashing head-on into another pickup truck.

Professional malpractice: Misdiagnosis a dangerous error

Having any type of medical issue can certainly be scary for Ohio residents. Even if an issue seems small, health concerns are often best addressed by professionals. Unfortunately, some people may go to the doctor's office or a hospital in hopes of obtaining information about their health concerns only to face professional malpractice.

When it comes to medical malpractice claims, misdiagnosis makes up a considerable number of those claims. In fact, approximately 34% of these claims that involved death or permanent disability involved misdiagnosis, making it the most common medical mistake as well as the most dangerous. Facing the wrong diagnosis or a delayed diagnosis could cause serious problems for patients, including causing serious illnesses and allowing conditions to progress due to improper treatment or no treatment at all.

Head-on car accident leaves Ohio trooper in critical condition

Wrong-way drivers are a significant danger on roadways. Some people may drive the wrong direction due to intoxication, and others may simply get lost and end up going the wrong way. Unfortunately, any wrong-way driver could easily cause a car accident that leads to serious injuries.

It was recently reported that state troopers in Ohio were informed of an erratic driver on the interstate. A trooper began to look for the vehicle, and while doing so, the driver apparently made a U-turn on the roadway and began traveling south in the northbound lanes of the interstate. This action resulted in that vehicle crashing head-on into the trooper's vehicle. Both vehicles caught fire, and two individuals stopped and pulled the trooper from his car.

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