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Professional malpractice cases require various types of proof

by | Sep 17, 2019 | Professional Malpractice

Most Ohio residents go to the doctor with the anticipation of getting better and not worse. Of course, some conditions can worsen despite treatment, but there are instances in which a patient could suffer due to the negligence of medical staff. In such cases, there may be cause for professional malpractice claims.

A number of issues could contribute to a patient suffering harm. Misdiagnoses, surgical errors, medication mistakes, infections and more can cause a patient to become sicker or suffer injuries. If a patient believes that a doctor or other staff member was negligent or acted below the standard of care, there may be reason to pursue a legal claim in efforts to seek compensation for resulting damages.

Of course, the person bringing the claim has the responsibility of providing proof of wrongdoing. Several elements need proving, including that a doctor-patient relationship existed, that the doctor was negligent or otherwise did not follow the standard of care, that the negligence or other action caused or contributed to further illness or injury, and that actual harm occurred. Medical records, testimonials and other evidence could help during a case.

Medical errors can cause a number of setbacks for a patient or, in some cases, even lead to fatal injuries. If Ohio residents believe that they or a loved one suffered due to professional malpractice, they may be interested in pursuing compensation for the resulting hardships. Speaking with attorneys experienced in this area of law may help concerned parties determine whether moving forward with legal action could suit their circumstances.


Nathan J. Stuckey