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Nursing home neglect: A silent form of abuse

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Professional Malpractice

When you entrust your parents to an Ohio nursing home, there is an expectation that they are going to be safe. While you hope they will also be happy there and find friends, the basic is that they are safe and well cared for. This is the reason you send them to a nursing home, to give them the attention and medical expertise that you cannot.

Unfortunately, you cannot assume that your parents are safe in the home. Many elders suffer abuse at the hands of those entrusted to care for them. Nursing home neglect is one form of abuse. These are some of the forms neglect can take:

  • Lack of stimulation: It is not okay to leave residents in their rooms, or watching television all day long. Mental and physical stimulation through activities and exercise is essential to their health.
  • Lack of supervision: Some elders are at higher risk of falling if left to move around unsupervised. Others can get into trouble if left alone for too long.
  • Lack of hygiene: Not all elders are capable of keeping themselves clean. Yet they must maintain good hygiene. Nursing home staff should be helping your parents to do this.
  • Lack of a good diet: Eating well is part of staying healthy. Your parents may lose interest in food or become fussy eaters. Nursing home staff needs to ensure your parents eat well, even if it takes a lot of encouragement and patience.
  • Lack of proper medical attention: Whether it is giving the right pills at the right time, getting a sore tooth attended to or calling the doctor when needed, the nursing home needs to fulfill its duties.

While most nursing homes do a great job, it is not always the case. Your parents deserve to be treated well in their final years. If you suspect an Ohio nursing home may be neglecting your parents, you need a strong legal team to investigate for you.


Nathan J. Stuckey