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Can technology prevent you from getting distracted while driving?

by | May 6, 2020 | Personal Injury

You know how easy it is to get distracted while driving. It can be tempting to answer the phone when it rings, or send a message before you forget. It can take longer than you think to enter your new destination into your GPS or change stations on the radio.  

Technology can be useful when driving, but it can also prove dangerous. All around you, the road is full of other drivers also being tempted to distraction by the gadgets in their cars. Distracted drivers cause a lot of motor vehicle accidents and injure and kill a lot of people in Ohio, year after year.

One firm has invented a removable driver monitoring device to alert you when you get distracted. It is like a dashcam, except it looks at you instead of looking at the road. It uses infra-red beams to see where you are looking and beeps at you when you get distracted. 

Some car manufacturers already have a form of driver monitoring built into their cars, and it looks as though it will become increasingly common in the future. If you prefer a low-tech alternative, find yourself a backseat driver to tell you to keep your eyes on the road and watch out for that car turning left.

Under Ohio law, the person who caused a car accident should be liable for the related costs and damages. Installing driver monitoring technology in your car may help you prove that you were not the one who was distracted while driving.


Nathan J. Stuckey