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Justice Through Full Compensation For Car Accident Victims

Of the thousands of automobile accidents that cause injuries and deaths in Ohio every year, many could have been prevented by more attentive and diligent drivers. If you or someone you care about has been involved in a car accident caused by a negligent driver, you are likely caught in a tangle of physical recovery, medical bills, lost wages, missed work and more. It can be hard to fathom how you will get the money to cover all the auto accident-related costs and untangle this mess. Thankfully, there is hope.

At The Stuckey Firm, LLC in Springfield, Ohio, we have a reputation for aggressively pursuing fair compensation for people like you. This was not your fault and you should not have to bear the burden of all the bills that have come along with the car crash. Let us help you.

Talk to us for free! Whether you just have a few questions or you’re ready to move forward with a car accident claim, we offer free consultations. Call 937-471-3837 or email us today.

You need a lawyer explain your rights and fight for full compensation to cover your costs now and in the future. We’ll start working immediately to protect your rights and build your case.

Whenever another driver is at fault for a car accident, they should be responsible for your losses. That means medical bills, lost wages and more. However, insurance companies typically don’t want to pay you what your hardship is worth and will often offer too-low settlements. We are aggressive in pushing them to do the right thing and provide full compensation.

Questions about how car accident claims work? Check out our car crash FAQ or get in touch with us for a free consultation.

A Trial Attorney Fighting For You

With more than a decade of experience, our team will vigorously protect your rights and prosecute your claims against those responsible for causing your damages. If your immediate family member was killed in a motor vehicle accident, we are prepared to bring a wrongful death claim on your behalf. While legal action cannot bring back a loved one, it can secure the benefits that will make life a little bit easier in the aftermath.

Our litigation experience can help you get the compensation you deserve and need. We prepare every case as if for trial, because we will not let you accept an unfair settlement. If we must take your claim before a judge or jury in order to pursue maximum compensation for your motor vehicle accident claim, rest assured we are fierce in the courtroom. Fighting for you is our top concern.

Representation In All Types Of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Our firm represents people in a full range of vehicular accident claims involving:

  • Car crashes: Rear-end accidents, sideswipes, T-bone crashes and multicar accidents are all examples of car accident types that have injured our clients. A few may have been unavoidable, such as when the weather suddenly changed, but most could have been prevented.
  • Trucking accidents: The most serious truck accidents often involve semis (also called tractor-trailers, big rigs or 18-wheelers) on highways. Crashes involving other types of commercial vehicles, such as delivery trucks and utility vehicles, tend to occur in town.
  • Motorcycle crashes: With motorcyclists unprotected against impact, those who are hit by careless drivers are at risk of life-changing injuries or death.
  • Biking accidents: Bicycling is a leisurely pastime for some people and a serious method of commuting for others. We represent people injured on bicycles on city streets, country roads and exercise paths.
  • Accidents injuring pedestrians: Pedestrian accidents often result in serious, catastrophic and fatal accidents. Many are hit-and-run accidents. Our personal injury firm aggressively stands up for injured walkers.
  • Bus wrecks: A single incident injuring many passengers of a shuttle bus or any type of bus may trigger just as many legal cases. Each injured person suffers unique losses.
  • Train crashes: Our law firm can help Ohio residents who have been injured or lost loved ones in train accidents in the state or elsewhere. An Amtrak derailment, a light-rail transit accident or any type of train crash may require quick legal action to protect one’s rights to bring a claim.
  • Boat collisions: A boat operator who is under the influence of alcohol can be cited for driving while intoxicated just as the driver of a car or truck can. Impaired boaters’ negligence is often the cause of boating accidents.

Causes And Injuries

Common causes of car accidents include drunk driving, distracted driving, texting while driving and traffic violations, such as speeding.

When negligence is proven, people who have been injured and lost loved ones may recover badly needed compensation through claims and lawsuits. Serious injuries and fatalities from motor vehicle collisions are common. Traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones and burns are injuries that are more likely to lead to additional medical issues down the road.

If you have been injured or someone has died due to the negligence of another, it is critical that you seek the counsel of an experienced attorney immediately. You deserve to be compensated for all you’ve been through. We can help. We have a reputation for personalized and compassionate service. While you focus on your physical recovery, we are here to help you recover compensation for medical care, lost wage replacement, and acknowledgment of your pain and suffering.

Free Consultation

Learn how we can help you after a motor vehicle accident. Call our Springfield office for a free consultation regarding your car or truck accident anywhere in Ohio. Reach us by phone at 937-471-3837 or contact us online. Our goal is to return every call and email promptly.