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Common Questions After A Car Accident

Being in a car accident is a disorienting experience, so we hear a lot of questions at The Stuckey Firm, LLC. Here is a selection of what comes up most frequently. If you are from Springfield, Columbus or the surrounding areas in Ohio or West Virginia, do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I financially take care of myself after an accident?

When Is The Right Time To Talk To A Lawyer?

The sooner you talk to a lawyer, the better your chances are of receiving the settlement you deserve. When you involve us early in the process, we can preserve critical evidence and information that might otherwise be lost. This may include valuable information from the crash site, assessments of your vehicle and more.

We can also ensure that you receive the proper care for your car accident injury as soon as possible. Not every physician has experience dealing with insurance claims, so we can recommend specialists who will thoroughly examine you and properly prepare the documentation you will need.

How Much Is My Car Accident Claim Worth?

This question is at the forefront of many people’s minds after an accident. The answer may take time to determine and may be affected by factors such as:

  • The nature and extent of the injuries and doctor’s prognosis
  • Calculations by a professional life care planner after a catastrophic injury
  • The causes of the accident and evidence of negligence
  • Available resources of the opponent, including insurance coverage limits
  • Your own uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM), if relevant

A successful outcome should ideally pay your medical bills, replace your lost wages, and compensate you for pain and suffering. Dollar amounts will become apparent as your case progresses and may ultimately be determined at trial.

What Should I Say To The Insurance Company?

Say as little as possible. Never make a recorded statement without consulting with an attorney first. While the circumstances of your car accident may seem straightforward to you, the reality is that insurance companies will likely twist your words and attempt to pin the blame on you, even if it was clearly not your fault. When you work with us, we will go over all the facts and craft an appropriate response together.

Should I Accept An Insurance Settlement Offer?

Never sign anything or cash a check from an insurer before discussing your case with a personal injury lawyer. Once you accept a settlement offer and deposit the money, it is very unlikely that you will be able to go back and ask for more if your medical condition worsens. Your personal injury attorney should educate you to the point that you will be fully informed and ready to accept an offer with confidence or push for a trial.

How Should I Deal With Car Repairs?

Your own auto insurer can typically answer this question. A full-service personal injury law firm can take a load off your mind by helping you solve practical problems associated with your accident. We address this issue for injured clients of Stuckey Firm at no additional charge.

What If I Was A Passenger Injured In A Car Accident?

You may have multiple sources of compensation in this case. You may be able to bring a claim against the driver of the car you were in, as well as a negligent driver of another vehicle. Even if the driver of the car that you were riding in is your own family member, making a claim against that driver may be the best and only way to obtain full compensation for your injuries.

Is It OK To Post About My Accident On Social Media? Start A Crowdfunding Campaign?

You should keep all public information to an absolute minimum after an accident. While this may be difficult, the reality is that insurance companies will do everything they can to use this information against you. They can’t use what they don’t have. Certain initiatives may be appropriate depending on the circumstances, but we can help you tailor your public communications so as not to jeopardize your chances for fair compensation. In the long run, that is what matters most.

What Is The Car Accident Insurance Claim Process?

Once you file an insurance claim for your accident, an insurance adjuster will review the total damages of your injuries, including property damage and lost income. Once they have reviewed the damages, they will provide you with a settlement offer to cover the costs. Depending on whether or not the initial offer is a fair one that accurately reflects the cost of your injuries, there may be other steps involving you and your attorney.

Can I Still Pursue A Car Accident Claim If I Was Partly At Fault?

Ohio uses the “modified comparative negligence” rule, which allows the victim of an accident to pursue compensation as long as they were less than 50% responsible for the accident. The compensation the victim receives will also be reduced by the amount of liability they share in the accident.

Can I Negotiate A Car Accident Settlement Offer?

You have the right to negotiate a settlement offer that accurately reflects the total cost of your injuries. Your lawyer can help you identify this value and negotiate on your behalf to earn the compensation you deserve. The representation of a skilled attorney can make the difference between getting the minimum compensation and the money you need to make ends meet.

Can I Say No To A Car Accident Settlement Offer?

You have the right to deny an insurance offer, even if the insurance agent is pressuring you to accept it. In fact, you should not accept any offer without reviewing it with a skilled personal injury attorney beforehand. Insurance companies often know if they are trying to stick you with a lowball offer, so do not be intimidated by their tactics, and do not be afraid to act in your best interests.

I Have More Questions. May I Talk Them Over With You?

Yes. We offer free consultations to all potential clients. Please use our online form to get in touch, or else call our office: 937-471-3837.