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How in-car technology can make the roads safer for motorcyclists

by | Apr 29, 2020 | Personal Injury

If you drive a car as well as ride a motorcycle, you may wonder why some car drivers fail to see motorcyclists. When you drive your car, you notice motorcyclists all around you. Besides, most cars have built-in safety systems that beep whenever you get near to something. So why is it that car drivers cause so many motorcycle accidents?

A report from the National Transportation Safety Board may have found the answer. Well, one of the answers, because there are many reasons car drivers do not register motorcyclists. 

The report says the crash avoidance systems fitted to cars do not see motorcyclists. Or at least they do not see them very well. So when you have a car driver who is blind to motorcyclists, placing their faith in a technology that is also blind to motorcyclists, you have a recipe for an accident. The report highlights the need for this weakness in the crash detection software to be addressed.

Adding technology to the bikes can also reduce the number of motorcycle accidents, according to the same report. Traction control and anti-lock braking give you a better chance of avoiding crashes caused by car drivers.

However safely you ride, and whatever technology your motorcycle has, or a car has, accidents can still happen. Technology cannot make up for a distracted car driver, or a car driver that turns left across you without checking their mirrors. If you have a motorcycle accident in Ohio, you will want to be compensated for any personal injuries or damage you suffer. A local attorney can help you investigate your options.


Nathan J. Stuckey