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How Often Is Speeding A Factor In Car Accidents?

by | Apr 7, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Speeding is an exceedingly common practice for motorists of all types. Even the safest of drivers might sometimes go five or more miles per hour above the speed limit when they judge that it is “acceptable” to do so.

With thousands upon thousands of car accidents occurring each year, though, the question arises as to just how often speeding contributes to those accidents. By learning more about the statistics behind speeding and car accidents, you can be a more informed driver and take the appropriate action if someone else’s speeding causes you harm.

How Many Accidents Occur Due To Speeding?

The National Safety Council reports that speeding contributed to 29% of all traffic fatalities in 2020, making it a factor in the deaths of 11,258 people that year. This figure averages out to equal an average of 30 deaths per day due to speeding. This statistic also exists as an uptrend from the previous year’s data in which speeding accounted for 26% of traffic fatalities.

What Other Factors Contribute To Speeding Accidents?

Data from the NSC illustrates that speeding becomes even more dangerous under poorer road conditions. Where speeding is a factor in 19% of dry road accidents, it ramps up to contribute to 33% of accidents when snow or slush is also a factor. The most dangerous conditions for speeding are when snow or standing water is present, potentially causing cars to slide or hydroplane.

Speeding is one of the most prevalent factors in car accidents on today’s roads while simultaneously being one of the easiest behaviors to avoid. If you experience an accident due to the negligent speeding of another driver, you have the right to pursue legal action and compensation for your suffering.


Nathan J. Stuckey