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Important steps you should take in the wake of a dog bite

by | Apr 14, 2020 | Dog Bites

Many people have an opinion on why dogs bite or attack humans. Some claim that only certain dangerous dog breeds are prone to attack people. Others say that humans must have trained the animal to bite people, while some claim that dogs only bite when they are provoked. None of that matters, of course, when you’re the victim of a dog bite.

In the immediate aftermath, victims don’t care all that much about the why of dog bites; they just want to have their injuries treated and ensure no complications from the bite will occur. Over time, especially in cases of severe or acute dog bite wounds, victims may begin considering how they can acquire compensation for the injuries they have suffered.

A personal injury claim is an effective legal option in the wake of dog bite injuries. However, you will need evidence to help you prove your claim. Our attorneys in Springfield, OH, want you to know that gathering such evidence as soon as possible after the dog attack can support any action you may wish to take. We encourage all victims to follow the steps below after the attack:

  • Take photos of the scene of the incident and the dog, if possible
  • Take photos of your injuries, or have a doctor do so on your behalf
  • Write down statements from any people who may have witnessed the attack
  • Write down contact information for your possible witnesses

If your injuries prevent you from documenting the incident, ask someone you trust to help

It is also wise to call the police so that an official report of the incident is filed, which can strengthen your claim. Your injury lawyer can use the evidence you collect to create a strong case against the animal’s owner and help you acquire the compensation you need to recover from your injuries.

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Nathan J. Stuckey