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Nursing home abuse is more common than you may think

by | May 14, 2020 | Personal Injury

“It’s for the best; you’ll be safe here, Mom, look at how many people there are to look after you.” Placing one of your parents in an Ohio nursing home can be a tough decision. When you take that decision, you do so with the best interests of your parent in mind, trusting that a team of dedicated staff has the time and skill that you cannot give.

Sadly, there are times when your trust is misplaced. Statistics from the World Health Organisation (WHO) found the following occurrence of elder abuse in institutions:

  • Psychological abuse: 33.4%
  • Physical abuse: 14.1%
  • Financial abuse: 13.8%
  • Neglect: 11.6%
  • Sexual abuse:1.9%

Reports suggest the level of elder abuse is much higher in institutions such as nursing homes than in community care. For instance, psychological abuse was three times more likely to occur in an institution than in a community care situation. Physical abuse was seven times more likely.

If your parent is in a nursing home in Ohio or elsewhere, this does not mean you need to rush in and remove them. It just means you need to be proactive in keeping an eye out for potential signs of nursing home abuse.

Look out for changes in your parent, both physical changes and behavioral changes. Keep an eye on their finances via online banking. Above all, talk to them regularly and allow them to tell you if something is wrong. If you rush in and out and say, “Everything’s alright isn’t it, Mom? I can’t stay long…” they may decide they do not want to bother you with the truth.


Nathan J. Stuckey