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A Back Injury Can Be Debilitating

Maybe you simply reached over to pick something up at work. Maybe you slipped. Maybe you were in a crash. No matter how it happened, a back injury can affect the way you are able to live and enjoy your life.

If your back injury was caused by a car accident, while doing your job or by slipping in a public place such as a supermarket, make sure you understand your rights to pursue compensation. At Stuckey Firm, we understand how scary a back injury can be. Fortunately, we know how to help.

Car Accidents And Other Causes Of Back Injuries

A back injury caused by a car accident can be debilitating to anyone. Some back and spine injuries are obviously serious at the time of the crash and a survivor may need to be taken by ambulance or helicopter to a hospital. In other cases, a person walks away from a crash scene and the shock of the initial crash hides the damage. Pain may then become evident hours or days after a collision.

Back injuries occurring because of car accidents include:

  • Whiplash
  • Other types of sprains and strains
  • Herniated disks
  • Spinal cord injuries (SCIs).

Some of these may also be results of falls, repeated heavy lifting and other circumstances. Depending on the cause and severity, someone recovering from a back injury may require bed rest, immobilization of the back and/or surgery. Even a mild back injury can put someone out of commission for an extended time period.

The direction, speed and force of an impact will all have an effect on the type of back injury that someone suffers in a motor vehicle accident. Long recovery times, chronic pain and paralysis are typical long-term effects of such injuries. Some back injuries may heal with time and therapy, but the necessary time off work can be financially devastating. It is also difficult to have to rely on others to get daily chores done. Legal action may be as vital to your recovery as is medical care.

Three Levels Of Back Injury

While any amount of back pain can make life miserable, there are three levels that medical professionals use. The back is made up of muscles and nerves that are all connected by the spine.

Mild back injuries: Some injuries are muscular in nature – a tear, sprain or strain. While these types of injuries can cause excruciating pain and limit mobility, they typically will heal. With proper oversight and therapy, there can be no long-term effects.

Moderate back injuries: These typically involve more extensive muscle damage or a slipped or ruptured disk in the spine. When a disk is ruptured or pinches a nerve, the pain can be unbearable, and movement can be severely limited. An injury can affect any of the four areas of the spine: the cervical (the neck), thoracic (upper back), lumbar (middle to lower back) and sacral (lower back and buttocks). These injuries can be chronic but are usually managed with various therapies.

Severe back injuries: These typically involve damage to tissue and the spine. Serious car accidents or falls from heights, such as those on a construction site, are typical causes of severe back injuries. This type of injury can involve the spine and brain. Discogenic pain is caused by an injury to the spinal disks. Facet joints can also be injured in an accident or fall.

Five Treatments For Back Injuries

While everyone needs rest after an injury, it is actually better to keep moving if at all possible. The trick is to know which movements are helpful and which are to be avoided so as not to cause further injury or harm. Typically, there are five main types of treatments. These are:

  1. Physical therapy: This may include prescribed exercises, stretches and even yoga.
  2. Medication: Anti-inflammatory drugs, some painkillers and corticosteroid injections can help.
  3. Surgery: When the pain does not subside and other treatments have been tried, surgery may be the best option. This can involve spinal fusion or intradiscal electrothermal therapy (IDET).
  4. Talk therapy: After an accident, many people can succumb to depression. Therapy, especially after a traumatic accident, is often helpful.
  5. Relaxation: An accident, injury and court case coupled with mounting bills and limited mobility or pain can all contribute to an increased or overwhelming amount of stress. Therapies include meditation, guided imagery, tai chi, hypnosis and yoga. Some people find or continue a spiritual practice for community and support.

Recovery from a back injury can take weeks, months or even years. Some injuries are so severe that a victim may never fully recover. An experienced personal injury attorney can advise you of the amount of compensation that you will need to seek to cover your medical bills, lost wages and living needs.

Get The Guidance Your Back Injury Needs

Even a minor back injury can affect our work and family life. Some disk and neck injuries can get worse if not treated. Don’t put off speaking with an attorney who can protect and pursue your right to compensation. Injury cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. We don’t get paid unless we accept and win your case in a settlement or verdict. Call 937-471-3837 and speak with a member of  The Stuckey Firm, LLC, team today. You can also send us an email to introduce yourself and tell us a little about your injury. The phone call, email and any office visits are completely free. With offices in Columbus and Springfield, we can assist clients throughout Ohio and West Virginia.