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Pursuing Justice In Light Of Police Misconduct

When new police members take oaths to protect and serve, it is naturally obvious that the “protect” part of the equation might sometimes involve altercations with the public. However, civil rights belong to everyone, including suspects in criminal cases. You may have suffered injuries and the denial of your civil rights when you were:

  • Minding your own business in close proximity to an investigation or intervention by police officers
  • Peacefully protesting
  • Accused of domestic violence or another criminal violation
  • Stopped in traffic by the police

Whatever situation brought about your arrest, an attorney’s review of the facts may determine that you have a cause to pursue legal action. is here to help. Were you harmed through one of the following illegal acts by a policeman, policewoman, or a jail or prison guard?

  • A wrongful arrest: Did a police officer arrest you after falsely identifying you as a suspect?
  • Police brutality: Excessive force is often a legitimate cause for a claim against a police officer, a police department or a city.
  • A dangerous and unnecessary vehicle pursuit: Did the police who chased your vehicle violate laws and police force policies? Or were you in another vehicle – not involved in the chase, but struck and injured by the police car or a suspect’s vehicle?
  • An unlawful stop and frisk operation: Ask a lawyer whether the stop and frisk activities that put you in harm’s way were legal. If not, ask about how to bring a civil rights violation claim.
  • Unlawful search and seizure: Your constitutional rights to be secure from unlawful search and seizure may be the key to getting your criminal case dismissed. At the same time, you may be able to bring a civil rights or personal injury claim or lawsuit and recover compensation.
  • Abuse by a law enforcement agent or guard when you were in detention: You may have been caught in enforcement actions against protesters. In a public place or in jail, you were then injured or suffered indignities. Ask civil rights attorney to evaluate your case.
  • Assault by anyone while you were in jail or prison: You may be able to bring legal action against more than one person or entity in such a case.
  • Denial of appropriate medical care while you were in detention: Did you suffer a diabetic coma or a miscarriage while in jail, prison or a makeshift detention facility near a public protest? Get the legal counsel you need without delay.

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