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Advocating For You In A Premises Liability Case

When you have suffered injuries, you probably wonder who is responsible, especially when it is in a public venue, such as a parking lot or an apartment complex. Whether you slip on a spill in a grocery store or trip on a broken curb, you are injured in a space where there is an expectation of safe conditions in a public place.

There can be relief and compensation for those suffering an injury on someone else’s premises. has over 10 years of experience advocating for injury victims in Springfield, Columbus and throughout Ohio and West Virginia. His law practice, The Stuckey Firm, LLC , can ease your worries about affording your bills after an injury. Fair compensation can also provide some closure by acknowledging your pain and suffering and preparing you for life after a significant injury.

Some Of The Common Reasons For Premises Liability

Your accident may have happened because of:

  • Lack of security
  • Lack of proper maintenance of sidewalks, hallways and other areas
  • Lack of adequate repair of steps, railings or other features of a property

Let’s look at how these three reasons cause accidents to happen:

  • A lack of proper security measures at a business, such as a nightclub, can lead to someone getting shot by an unruly patron.
  • Negligence in maintaining a parking lot in the wintertime can lead to a painful slip and fall on built-up ice.
  • Failure to initiate repairs on a stair railing could mean that someone could get injured walking up or down the stairs in a shopping mall or apartment complex.

Whatever the cause, you owe it to yourself to get the legal advice and advocacy you need to recover compensation for your injuries. Determining who was responsible and why is part of that process. Documenting your injuries and losses is also essential. A skilled personal injury attorney can be your best ally after an accident on someone else’s property.

State Time Limit For Bringing A Claim

Ohio law has a two-year statute of limitations for premises liability cases, so it is to your advantage to contact and his firm as soon as possible. This gives you and your attorney more time to develop your case. If we represent you, we will do so on a contingency basis. You will not owe attorneys’ fees until after we recover compensation for you.

Contingency-Based Representation – No Fee Before Recovery – Give Us A Call

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