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Were You Injured By A Defective Product?

Consumers use countless products every day with the understanding that they are safe. Power tools, auto parts, appliances, medications and other items are supposed to be subject to rigorous oversight. However, these safeguards are not always enough, either because the regulation was insufficient or because the manufacturer was negligent. In these instances, defective or dangerous products can injure innocent people with serious repercussions.

Proving product liability takes skill and patience, and attorney Nathan J. Stuckey has both. At The Stuckey Firm, LLC, we hold these negligent companies to account and obtain the settlement you need to pay for medical treatment as well as other expenses. We have clients in Springfield, Columbus and across Ohio and West Virginia.

When Is Negligence Involved In A Product Injury?

Not everyone who suffers an injury because of a commercial product has the basis for a claim, but many people do. Here are some common scenarios we encounter that involve negligence on the part of the company:

  • The product’s advertising is misleading.
    This is an instance in which official advertisements for the product indicate that it can be used in ways that it should not. If one of these misleading advertisements informed your use of product, you may be able to pursue a liability claim.
  • The manufacturing process was defective.
    Sometimes a product’s design is safe, but there are manufacturing defects. Perhaps a sharp corner or edge exists where it should not, or a component has faulty wiring and causes a fire. Maybe a safety mechanism fails to prevent a problem. Many things can lead to a defective product. Some of these products are under recall, but many are not.
  • The product’s design is unsafe.
    Certain products are not safe to begin with, even if they have been produced according to specifications. Companies may not know about these hazards, or else they do and have been unwilling to fix the problem. In either case, there is a strong possibility of legal action.

To establish liability on the part of the company, we will rely on expert testimony, photographic evidence, medical records and other corroborating facts. This requires a carefully constructed case, but we have a track record of success.

You Do Not Have To Face Your Product Injury Alone

Pursuing a liability claim against a large corporate entity can be a long, difficult road, especially if you are doing it alone. Fortunately, you do not have to. Contact us for a free consultation and find out how a lawyer can help. You can reach our office through our online form or else by phone: 937-471-3837.