Representing Those Injured Due To A Professional’s Mistake

When medical providers make grave errors, they should be held responsible and liable for their negligence. If you have endured a personal injury due to a doctor’s, nurse’s, hospital’s or dentist’s carelessness, you may be able to file a medical malpractice claim.

Negligence by other types of professionals, including lawyers, accountants and architects, may also be a cause for legal action. If you have experienced injury and/or financial losses because of a professional’s failures, you may explore your legal options for recovering compensation.

A malpractice or professional negligence case can be a lengthy and complex process, often requiring testimony from other professionals and experts who can attest that professional standards were not followed. Our team at The Stuckey Firm has the experience, resources and investigative skills to assist you in this difficult time. Although today’s laws make it more difficult to receive compensation than in the past, attorney Nathan J. Stuckey will be a tenacious advocate for you. He will work diligently to protect your rights and recover the damages you deserve.

Our record of success includes cases that settle out of court, go to mediation and go to trial. We represent clients who have suffered due to a medical professional’s negligence or any other professional’s breach of professional standards, helping them hold medical providers and other professionals accountable.

Examples of medical malpractice while under a hospital’s or doctor’s care include:

  • Surgical errors due to a surgeon’s neglect
  • Improper medication administered by a nurse
  • Lack of diagnosis or misdiagnosis
  • Birth injuries
  • Incorrect medication administered by a nurse
  • Nerve damage due to a dentist’s error

Examples of other types of professional negligence may include:

  • A lawyer’s failure to file a personal injury claim before the statute of limitations expires
  • A lawyer’s wrong handling of a client’s financial accounts
  • An architect’s defective design leading to structural failure
  • An accountant’s violation of privacy, causing harm to a trusting client

Time Is Imperative

A statute of limitations is a deadline by which you must file your lawsuit or forever lose the right to recover for any damages you have sustained.

Whether you have a potential medical malpractice claim or another potential lawsuit against a professional, you’ll want to discuss the details surrounding your potential case with our team to ensure your rights are protected and preserved. Every case is unique, and the only way to know whether you have a claim is to seek counsel from a qualified plaintiff’s attorney.

Does Your Injury Or Loss Qualify You To Bring A Lawsuit?

If you feel you have been a victim of medical malpractice or a professional’s breach of fiduciary duty, you may have legal options. Our aggressive, yet professional litigator is ready to be the guardian of your rights. We will examine your circumstances and ascertain if you can take legal action.

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