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Tips to keep your children safe from dog bites

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Dog Bites

People who live in Ohio love their furry friends, and dogs are most residents’ No. 1 choice for a family pet. Most likely, you know your dog and are certain it will not attack or bite your children, but what about other people’s dogs? Chances are, you are not so sure about the aggression level in pets that you do not own.

No one loves dogs more than small children. When kids see dogs, they want to pet them and play with them. However, unsupervised play with animals can result in severe dog bites. Children are especially vulnerable to aggression in animals due to their small size and inability to protect themselves. Avoiding dog bites is a parent’s top priority, and the following tips can help you keep your kids safe.

  • Teach your children not to approach any unfamiliar dog, even if it seems friendly
  • Teach your kids to leave dogs alone when they are eating, drinking, chewing a bone or tending to puppies
  • Teach your children to stand perfectly still if a dog approaches them until the animal loses interest
  • Teach your kids to try to put items between themselves and the animal if a dog tries to bite
  • Teach your children to curl into a ball and lie very still if an unfamiliar dog launches an attack

Dog bites in children are nearly always more serious than bites in adults, often resulting in severe lacerations and torn tissue. This means that you can expect to face extremely costly medical expenses after an attack. Since animal owners have a legal duty to keep others safe from their pets, you may pursue compensation for dog bites to help you manage the costs of medical care.

Please, discuss these tips with your children frequently to help them remember how to handle an attacking dog.


Nathan J. Stuckey