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Understanding why dogs bite to avoid them biting you

by | May 20, 2020 | Dog Bites

“So, Max, why did you bite the nice lady?” If only dogs could talk. In a dog’s mind, if they bite someone, there is always a reason.

If you are bitten by a dog, knowing that the dog had a reason does not make it acceptable, nor does it let the dog’s owner off the hook for any injuries you suffer. However, it helps you reduce the chances of getting bitten when you are out exercising in Springfield.

Here are some reasons that dogs bite people:

  • Defending something: Dogs may bite to defend a toy or food, or another dog.
  • Defending someone: If a dog considers you are threatening one of its humans, it may decide to bite you to safeguard them.
  • Feeling backed into a corner: Animals like to keep an escape route open at all times. Watch out for this when you are in an enclosed space.
  • Scared: You do not have to be scary to scare a dog. A dog may be nervous because when a past owner reached out a hand toward them, it usually resulted in violence.
  • Injured: If a dog thinks you are going to touch it in a place where it has pain, it may bite you to stop you.
  • Playing: Some dogs play rough with other dogs and can carry this exuberance over and bite you if you are close by.

The one person who needs to understand their dog better than anyone is the owner. Owners should prevent situations occurring where their dog can feel it has a reason to bite you. If a dog in Springfield bites you, there are legal options open to you.


Nathan J. Stuckey