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Watch for these signs of nursing home abuse and neglect

by | Mar 10, 2020 | Personal Injury

Nursing homes in this country have been at the center of abuse and neglect scandals for many years. Sometimes, nursing home abuse or neglect occurs because of administrative problems such as staff shortages. Other times, there is no way to explain how or why these issues happen. What is clear is that it remains a huge problem here in Ohio as well as all other states.

In the aftermath of nursing home abuse and/or neglect, victims and their families can seek a legal remedy. For example, they can speak with an attorney to explore all available options to bring abusers to justice. However, it is always better to prevent neglect and abuse before it can harm elderly residents.

Absolute prevention is not always an option, but early recognition of abuse and neglect can often prevent the most severe consequences. Families with elders who reside in nursing homes should keep an eye out for these signs of nursing home abuse or neglect.

  • Unexplained lacerations, bruises, bone breaks and other physical damage
  • Abrupt behavioral changes like reduced socialization or lack of interest in activities a resident once enjoyed
  • Unsanitary or dangerous living conditions
  • Poor personal hygiene in previously clean residents
  • Unexplained malnutrition, dehydration or both
  • Unaddressed bed sores
  • Overmedicating or lack of medication, which can be just as dangerous

When you remain attentive to your aging family member’s health and happiness, it is much easier to notice any changes that could indicate nursing home abuse and neglect. In turn, you will know when it is time to remove your loved one from a nursing home. This can go a long way in preventing further abuse. As noted, you can also seek effective ways of finding justice for your abused loved one by taking the matter to an attorney.


Nathan J. Stuckey