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What are the worst mistakes after a car accident?

by | May 2, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

As a driver, you are conditioned in a number of things such as obeying traffic laws and the importance of defensive driving. However, one matter that may get overlooked is what you should do after a motor vehicle crash.

Neglecting critical steps and details can lead to mistakes that will harm you and your family in so many ways. By understanding what you must do, you can avoid these mistakes.

Not seeking medical care, accepting lowball offer

Here is a list of four major mistakes that you must avoid after sustaining an injury in a car crash:

  • Failure to seek medical care: Make your health a priority. Get prompt medical attention. Your injury may be more severe than you think. You could have a delayed injury symptom in which abdominal pain may actually mean internal bleeding. Also, you want to document your injuries in case you pursue legal action.
  • Failing to file an insurance accident claim: Doing so represents the first step toward obtaining compensation for lost wages, medical expenses as well as any other damages as a result of a crash. File an insurance claim with your insurance carrier.
  • Accepting a lowball settlement: Do not discuss the crash or your injuries with the other driver’s attorneys. They will attempt to manipulate you into accepting a seemingly favorable settlement that really is not so favorable after all. The other driver’s legal representatives do not have your best interests in mind.
  • Not retaining an attorney: An attorney is a reliable ally. He or she will provide invaluable insight in guiding you through the legal system. An attorney will do an assortment of things such as hiring investigators to review the crash, referring you to medical professionals and negotiating on your behalf.

It is critical to look out for yourself and to have a skilled and experienced legal ally in your corner.

Protecting your interests

In your haste after a car crash, you may not think straight. Keep a calm head, concentrate and do not panic. Then follow crucial steps, including seeking legal guidance, getting medical treatment and ignoring the other driver’s attorney. With this approach, you protect yourself and your interests.


Nathan J. Stuckey