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What states have distracted driving laws?

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Personal Injury

Distracted driving, which often means texting and driving, is one of the main road safety issues facing Americans today. That much is clear. Lawmakers have come around to the idea in the last decade, and now many states have distracted driving laws on the books.

Exactly what type of laws they have varies by state. When banning texting, 48 states have laws on the books. In 38 states, young drivers cannot use their phones at all, while some states have similar laws against handheld devices for all drivers. Twenty states say drivers cannot hold the phone in their hand while driving, even when just making a call. While that’s still a minority in a country with 50 states, the movement is clearly gaining momentum.

What about Ohio? Full handheld bans are decided locally. For those who are 16 and 17 years old, though, cellphone use is already prohibited. This means that the newest drivers often cannot use their phones, while adult drivers — 18 and up — get some of those abilities back. Texting, however, is completely banned for all drivers under all circumstances.

Does that mean people don’t do it? Unfortunately, it does not. You have probably witnessed people texting and driving or seen the aftermath of the accidents they cause. Laws can only do so much. People are still going to break those laws. That puts everyone in danger.

If you get hit by a distracted driver and wind up in the hospital with severe injuries, make sure you know what steps you can take to seek financial compensation for medical bills and related costs.


Nathan J. Stuckey