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Will Clark County’s Active Transportation Plan improve safety for bikers and pedestrians?

by | Jun 2, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Active transportation, a term that encompasses any self-propelled, human-powered mode of transportation such as walking or biking, is experiencing a resurgence in Clark County. The county’s Active Transportation Plan is currently under development with a vision to create a safer and better environment for walkers and bikers.

As cities and counties nationwide strive to improve safety and encourage active transportation, the question arises: Will Clark County’s plan effectively improve safety for bikers and pedestrians?

The vision of Clark County’s Active Transportation Plan

Clark County’s Active Transportation Plan aims to transform the county into a safer, more accessible place for pedestrians and bikers. To encourage more active transportation, the county needs to provide safe and accessible infrastructure for users. They aim to do this through improvements in pedestrian and bicycle facilities, intersection improvements and traffic calming measures.

How the plan aims to improve safety

The Active Transportation Plan is addressing safety concerns by focusing on the expansion and improvement of the existing infrastructure. They plan to build more sidewalks, bike lanes and pedestrian-friendly crossings and aim to create a network that will connect residential areas, commercial districts, schools and parks.

The plan also seeks to improve the safety of intersections which are often high-risk areas for pedestrians and cyclists. By implementing traffic calming measures and revising speed limits, the county hopes to reduce the risks associated with high-speed traffic.

Involving the community

The success of the Active Transportation Plan heavily relies on community involvement. Public feedback is an essential part of the process, helping to identify areas of concern and guide the plan’s development. Leaders are asking for community members to complete a survey and give their feedback regarding the project.

While it is too soon to predict the exact outcomes, the measures proposed in Clark County’s Active Transportation Plan certainly have the potential to significantly improve safety for bikers and pedestrians. By prioritizing the safety and accessibility of active transportation, Clark County is taking important steps toward fostering a healthier, safer and more connected community.


Nathan J. Stuckey