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Study reveals discouraging attitudes about distracted driving

Ohio is among the majority of states to impose some limits on cellphone use behind the wheel. State laws ban texting while driving, but it is still legal to use a handheld cellphone to make calls. The fact that so many states are legislatively fighting distracted driving is a recognition of how dangerous this practice is. Yet, many Americans still aren’t getting the message.

Elopement from nursing homes may indicate neglect

You carefully chose an Ohio nursing facility because you could not be with your loved one every hour of the day. Perhaps you had some scary moments that brought you to the realization that your loved one's Alzheimer's or another form of dementia was beyond your ability to care for. If you researched and found a home that offered a staff skilled and trained to deal with the behaviors in a patient with dementia, you may have felt you made the right choice for the well-being of your parent.

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