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Are self-driving cars a threat to Illinois motorcyclists?

by | Jul 31, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Autonomous vehicles are a reality. While they are still going through rigorous testing, they will probably be on the roads in the not-too-distant future. When that happens, people will have questions.

Laws will change. Insurance will change. The people behind these will need to address liability concerning autonomous vehicles. People who choose to use operator-driven vehicles will need to worry about liability. Here are some answers to questions about autonomous vehicles and how they fit with motorcycles.

How do they work?

Self-driving cars use sensors and cameras to understand what is going on around them. Inside, a computer interprets this information and takes drivers to their destination.

Do they reduce accidents?

Almost every accident that occurs is due to driver error. Sometimes, mechanical issues and other oddities will occur, but most accidents will reduce due to self-driving cars.

Do they save time on commutes?

Most people drive to work. Self-driving cars will remove that dead time so drivers can do something more productive. That can make people focus less on the roads and things like motorcycles. For example, drivers might take a nap while they cruise to work.

Are autonomous motorcycles an option?

Although autonomous cars are on the horizon, self-driving motorcycles are not. Even if developers made them, they would probably be less enjoyable. To safely operate motorcycles, drivers need to be more attentive. Meanwhile, cars can just turn when they need to, which would not work for motorcycles.

Even though autonomous vehicles will soon share the roads, motorcyclists can stay safe by using common sense and good driving techniques. Motorcycles and autonomous vehicles have a lot of safety features to help prevent accidents. However, it is still up to the driver to avoid accidents and stay safe.


Nathan J. Stuckey