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Bitten? Rabies could still be a possibility in 2020

by | Aug 13, 2020 | Dog Bites

You saw a small stray dog running down the road near your house, so you exited your yard to try to stop him from entering into the street. When it saw you, it initially stopped what it was doing. Suddenly, it barred its teeth and growled.

You saw that the dog was foaming a little at the mouth, but since it was such a hot day, you didn’t think much of it. It allowed you to come nearer, which you did as it seemed to calm down. Unfortunately, as soon as you got within a few feet, the dog decided to attack.

After you subdued the animal, you found that you had a few bites on your leg. They were minor, but with the dog’s unusual behavior, you called 911. You also called the owner, whose name and phone number were listed on the pet’s collar. That’s when you found out that the dog had gone missing around a week ago and that it did not have up-to-date vaccinations.

After hearing all this, you ended up having to receive post-exposure shots for rabies. Though it’s frustrating to have to get these, it’s essential to treat the possibility of the illness to prevent yourself from suffering from the fatal disease.

Rabies is deadly in 99.9% of untreated cases, making it one of the deadliest diseases on the planet. Even if you feel well, treatment is important, since rabies can be dormant for up to three months before symptoms appear. Fortunately, the animal will be able to be tested. If the test comes back negative, then you won’t have to worry. At the same time, it’s better to get the inoculations, so you can be sure that you have received preventative treatment regardless of the animal’s health.

The medical costs of such an attack can be high. An attorney can help you pursue compensation from the animal’s owner.


Nathan J. Stuckey