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Head-on car accident leaves Ohio trooper in critical condition

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Personal Injury

Wrong-way drivers are a significant danger on roadways. Some people may drive the wrong direction due to intoxication, and others may simply get lost and end up going the wrong way. Unfortunately, any wrong-way driver could easily cause a car accident that leads to serious injuries.

It was recently reported that state troopers in Ohio were informed of an erratic driver on the interstate. A trooper began to look for the vehicle, and while doing so, the driver apparently made a U-turn on the roadway and began traveling south in the northbound lanes of the interstate. This action resulted in that vehicle crashing head-on into the trooper’s vehicle. Both vehicles caught fire, and two individuals stopped and pulled the trooper from his car.

The incident resulted in the trooper suffering critical injuries. He was transported to a medical center by helicopter and was considered to be in critical but stable condition at the time of the report. The report indicated that the wrong-way driver was also in critical but stable condition. It was unclear whether alcohol played a role in the incident, but it was noted that the wrong-way driver had a suspended license and had two drunk driving convictions on his record.

The trooper injured in this car accident may have the ability to receive workers’ compensation benefits due to being injured on the job. However, it may also be wise for him to look into filing a personal injury claim against the driver considered at fault for the incident. This type of claim could allow him to pursue compensation for damages resulting from the Ohio crash.


Nathan J. Stuckey