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Thinking of buying a motorcycle? Put some money aside for safety

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Personal Injury

If you have been dreaming of buying a motorcycle for years, but never got around to it, dealers believe now is their best chance to tempt you. If you have been locked indoors, there is nothing that screams freedom more than revving the throttle and cruising onto the open roads, away from the crowds in the city.

Part of the reason dealers are optimistic is because many people did not buy a motorcycle before because they considered it too dangerous. Now that leaving your house to go to the store is a high-risk activity, riding a motorbike may be a chance you are willing to take.

There are many benefits to motorcycles versus cars: They are cheaper to run, cause less pollution and don’t get snarled up in the Ohio traffic. Many motorcyclists refer to cars as metal cages. Yet the fact you have no metal cage to protect you is what makes motorcycling riskier than driving a car. 

If you are considering buying a motorcycle, put some money aside for safety. Protective clothing and a good helmet are vital, as is proper training. There are plenty of courses available that can benefit novice riders and those returning to motorcycling after a layoff.

While protective clothing and training can reduce the risk of having a motorcycle accident in Ohio, they can never make motorcycling completely safe. As long as there continue to be drivers who are distracted, negligent or incompetent, motorcyclists will need attorneys willing to fight to get them compensation.


Nathan J. Stuckey