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What makes semitruck drivers dangerous?

by | Jan 6, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Most semi-truck drivers are competent professionals. Like any profession, though, there are individuals who do not live up to the required standards. Even the most reliable trucker might make a mistake that has devastating consequences.

According to the CDC, semi-truck drivers work 60 hours weekly and drive 107,000 miles annually on average. This leaves a lot of room for deadly mistakes. The article below will describe why semi-trucks are much more dangerous than the average passenger vehicle.

Unrealistic delivery times

The CDC reports that 73 percent of truckers believe their delivery schedules are too strict. This means that most drivers on the road feel pressure to complete their routes on time and might break regulations or drive tired to do so.

Lack of training

Sadly, only 62 percent of truck drivers believe they received enough training when they started their careers. Many truckers must learn on the job, creating a serious safety threat to motorists.

Unsafe driving conditions

Many drivers will drive through poor weather conditions, heavy traffic and tiredness. If you see a semi-truck driving in heavy rain or snow, try to avoid them if possible. You can always report an unsafe driver, but do not put yourself in danger.

Hiding injuries from employers

Finally, most drivers do not report their health problems or injuries to their employers. Drivers who are unsafe to drive might try to continue working, endangering everyone else.

Everyone must share the road with large commercial vehicles, usually without incident. However, when things go wrong, truck accidents tend to be deadly. Watch for swerving semi-trucks, and try to give them plenty of space.


Nathan J. Stuckey