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Loss of vision in eye leads to medical malpractice lawsuit

by | May 28, 2019 | Professional Malpractice

It can be difficult for anyone to accept that an ability he or she once had has been lost. For some, this acceptance can be even more challenging if the loss resulted from the mistakes or negligence of a medical professional. Medical malpractice could easily cause individuals in Ohio and elsewhere to suffer unnecessarily.

It was recently reported that a malpractice suit was filed in another state. The situation leading to the lawsuit began when a man visited an ophthalmologist in order to have cataract surgery. Unfortunately, after the surgery, the man contracted an infection, and within two days, he lost sight in that eye and was unable to recover that ability. The lawsuit was filed against the doctor involved in the surgery and the eye center where the operation took place.

The lawsuit claims that the patient was not properly evaluated or treated for over a month. It also indicated that the defendants did not keep a safe and sterile surgical field or sterile equipment. Additional claims regarding the defendants’ negligence were also listed in the report. It was not mentioned what type of damages the plaintiff is seeking as part of the case.

When negligence results in a patient suffering serious outcomes, such as this man, it can be difficult to know which next steps could best suit such a situation. In some instances, legal action may be warranted in order to address medical malpractice that led to harmful outcomes for patients. If Ohio residents believe that they have suffered due to medical mistakes or other negligence, they may wish to discuss their circumstances with legal professionals.


Nathan J. Stuckey