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Charged With Driving On A Suspended License? Get Legal Help Right Away.

When it comes to the Department of Motor Vehicles, what starts out simple can become serious very quickly. A traffic ticket or two or a traffic stop and charges of driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs can have serious repercussions. A speeding ticket, a reckless driving citation or a drunk driving arrest is a red flag telling you that you need to:

  • Monitor your driving habits more carefully
  • See a lawyer to explore options of defense
  • Figure out the best path toward obtaining a valid driver’s license and starting over with a clean slate

Too Many Traffic Tickets?

Many people believe the best way to take care of a speeding ticket is to pay the fine and forget it. But the problem is, doing this will mean pleading guilty – and accumulating points on your driving record. Racking up 12 points in two years may result in a suspended driver’s license.

OVI/DUI Charges? Other Causes?

On the other hand, a driver’s license suspension can come about because of refusal to submit to a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test after a DUI stop, a drug crime conviction or failure to maintain Ohio’s required level of auto insurance.

The Problem With A Driver’s License Suspension

Whatever was the cause of your driver’s license suspension, life can become complicated quickly. Many people with suspended licenses end up driving out of perceived necessity. They hope to avoid discovery by police – but this can happen with any traffic stop or accident. Even if an incident is not your fault, you will be in trouble if you were driving on a suspended license, once the police become involved. Before you know it, you may face jail time and/or be left with a permanently revoked license and a serious criminal record.

When To Talk To A Lawyer

Don’t wait to contact an attorney if you have been stopped by police and discovered driving on a suspended license. The Stuckey Firm, LLC , based in Springfield and Columbus can help you explore your options for overcoming criminal charges and severe BMV problems, including a driver’s license suspension. We are prepared to help you obtain a valid license and/or to correct issues that led to your loss of driving privileges. We will help you explore all options toward a favorable outcome.

Our Traffic Defense Attorney Offers Free Consultations

We do not want you to lose hope even if you feel backed into a corner. If you have received a notification from the DMV stating that your license will be suspended because you failed to appear in court after a traffic ticket, do not ignore it. If your license was already suspended and police arrested you for driving, you need legal help right away. Contact us online or request a free initial consultation at 937-346-8000 . We represent clients in the Springfield and Columbus areas as well as throughout Ohio and West Virginia.