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Eight Ways You Can Help Yourself After A Car Accident

Most people will be in a car accident at some point in their life. Nonetheless, accidents are always shocking, frustrating and upsetting. When they result in injuries or the loss of a loved one, they can also be life-changing. While there is no way to anticipate an accident, you can prepare yourself so you know the steps you should take afterward.

At The Stuckey Firm, LLC , based in Springfield and Columbus, we are committed to making sure Ohio and West Virginia residents have the information they need to get on with their lives after suffering an injury or losing a loved one. To that end, here is our list of the top eight things you should do after a motor vehicle accident:

Call the police Ohio law requires that any car wreck that causes an injury or fatality should be reported to the police. The law also requires reporting any wreck that results in more than $1,000 in property damage. This may seem straightforward, but the reality is that adrenaline is often pumping after a wreck, and it masks injuries. People may not even realize they are injured until afterward. Further, some cities in Ohio have different rules. Additionally, insurance companies will attempt to deny coverage and refuse to adequately cover costs if an accident is not documented in an official police report. For this reason, it is better to err on the side of caution and report any wreck by calling 911.

Stay at the scene Do not leave the scene of the auto accident — if you are potentially at fault, you could be charged with hit-and-run. If you have concerns about your rights while waiting for the authorities to arrive, then call us at 937-346-8000 for a free consultation.

Prioritize medical care Let EMTs look at you if they arrive at the scene of the car collision. If they recommend you go in an ambulance to the hospital, follow their recommendation. Even if you feel okay, be aware that the rush of adrenaline that occurs in a collision may prevent you from feeling whether you are hurt. Go to your doctor as soon as possible for a checkup, especially if you do notice any pain or other problems in the aftermath. If your doctor orders anything, from follow-up appointments to physical therapy, do not skip. If you do not follow doctor’s orders, the insurance company may argue that your injury is not as bad and deny you compensation.

Gather information If possible, exchange and secure pertinent information from all other parties involved, including any witnesses. Important information to gather includes name, address, phone numbers, insurance cards, license plate numbers, officers’ badge numbers as well as where your car was towed. This crucial information may be difficult to get after an automobile accident. You can snap photos of the scene with a camera or smartphone. Take pictures of the damage to your car and any signs of injuries. You can even take pictures of the other driver’s insurance card, license plate and other information.

Do not talk with another motorist’s insurance company Do not make any statement or answer questions from the other driver’s insurance company until obtaining an attorney. Insurance companies routinely attempt to shift blame to minimize exposure. Do not accept blame. Do not agree to a settlement if you are not certain it will cover all your medical costs and other expenses related to the car accident. Direct all communications to your attorney.

Contact your car insurance company Report the car accident to your motor vehicle insurance company promptly. This is important even if you were not at fault. Even though this is your insurance company, do not take the blame or make any statements beyond the basics.

Seek help from an attorney at The Stuckey Firm, LLC   Attorney Nathan Stuckey can advise you on all of the important issues related to your motor vehicle accident. He’ll protect your rights, and provide you with valuable information and the resources you need to handle the traumatic event you have been faced with. Most importantly, Nathan Stuckey will fight on your behalf, present you with your best options and assist you in making smart decisions related to your claims such as accepting or rejecting settlement offers, and whether or not to take your case to trial.

Do not post on social media Do not share information about your car accident or injuries on any social media site before consulting a lawyer. This could harm your personal injury claim.

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