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Legal Help For Ohioans Injured In Bicycle Accidents

Riding a bicycle may be a way of commuting or earning a living, a way to get to a friend’s house or a form of recreation. You may have been struck by a car while riding a 10-speed bike or a mountain trail bike on a:

  • City street
  • Country road
  • Bike path in a park
  • Parking lot’s edge
  • Driveway

Whatever your purpose, whatever the location and whatever kind of bicycle you were using, you had the same rights on the road as a driver of a motor vehicle. If you now face medical treatment, time off from work and an unpredictable recovery, you deserve to know your legal rights after an accident.

Seek counsel from a personal injury attorney with ample experience handling motor vehicle accident cases. We urge you not to try to resolve this yourself by calling an insurance company directly. You may hurt your case without realizing it. Rather, realize the advantage you will discover by working with Nathan J. Stuckey as your personal injury attorney. Stuckey Firm has years of experience recovering compensation for people injured in car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents in Springfield, Columbus and throughout Ohio and West Virginia.

Overcome The Great Hurdle Of A Bike Crash

When you set out on your bicycle that day like many other days, you never expected to be hit by a car. The driver may have run a red light or suddenly changed lanes without looking to see that you were coming up behind them. You may have taken all recommended safety precautions, but ultimately, the weight and speed of a motor vehicle overtook you and your bicycle.

Injuries to bicyclists struck by motor vehicles are often serious or fatal. You may need medical treatment for:

At Stuckey Firm, you can count on personalized attention during this trying time. Mr. Stuckey is equipped to bring skillful representation to your side of the case. Compassion and advocacy are our strengths.

A Fierce Yet Compassionate, Advocate On Your Side

Feel free to call 937-471-3837 or complete our online form to request a complimentary initial consultation. We handle pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents that injure children, and wrongful death claims on behalf of surviving next-of-kin after fatal bike wrecks.